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Game Account

It's like Escrow for MMORPGs. It's only $24.95. And it's a small price to buy to potentially save your your account and/or your investment of anywhere between $30 to over $1000.

The eGaming Supply premier middleman service is a security and fraud-reduction service which aims to substantially reduce the risk of fraud during online MMORPG transactions. We appoint a professional eGaming Supply approved middleman to oversee and guide both parties through a transaction, and also verifying that the seller's account is as described, and trying to prevent scamming by either party.

All traders in the eGaming Supply online marketplace are strongly recommended to use our premier middleman service for all trades, as part of a wider credibility scheme. Use of our middleman shows great commitment to safe trading, and may enhance a seller or buyer's reputation.

Supported Games

  1. Age of Conan: Soon to be Supported
  2. Aion Online: Fully Supported
  3. Champions Online: Fully Supported
  4. City of Heroes / City of Villains: Fully Supported
  5. Everquest 1 & 2: Fully Supported
  6. Final Fantasy XI: Fully Supported
  7. Guild Wars: Fully Supported
  8. Lineage 2: Fully Supported
  9. Lord of the Rings Online: Soon to be Supported
  10. Maple Story: Fully Supported
  11. RuneScape: Soon to be Supported
  12. Star Wars Galaxies: Soon to be Supported
  13. Warhammer Online: Fully Supported
  14. World of Warcraft: Fully Supported

Middleman Service Costs

In almost all cases, our premier middleman service fee is a mere $24.95 - that's a low price to pay for how much a fraudulent transaction could steal from you -, however if there are non-standard factors in play, such as Non-US and/or Non-active accounts, these will be handled on a per case basis and may incur extra fees. Please post a thread in our Marketplace Support and Feedback forum if you are in this situation, before ordering our service, so that we can advise you further. Account sellers: It is highly recommended that you activate your account and adjust your asking price accordingly. This makes the transfer faster, easier, and cheaper for everyone involved.

Initiating the Service

Please note: Do not unsubscribe from POL and make sure all content ID's are active. After each account has been verified the middleman will remove the credit card information from the account and unsubscribe from POL.

Using our middleman service is very simple, however please read all the instructions here, before placing an order for our service. Placing an order with us constitutes your guarantee to us that you have thoroughly read and understood these instructions, and accept our service contract (also on this page). With that said, there are three main stages to initiating our service:

  • Buyer and Seller Negotiate the account/currency/other items and agree a price/package - Our middleman service is designed to help ensure that both sides get what they agreed to each other, not to mediate negotiations. When the buyer and seller have agreed what shall be included in the sale, and the price, the middleman service process begins in earnest.
  • Creation of your unique middleman service thread - Upon sending PayPal payment, the client will receive a verification email containing a PayPal Transaction ID number. This number is needed to identify your order on the PayPal system. You should create a thread in our Middleman Service Center forum, with the following information.
  • One party orders our premier middleman service via our secure payment processor, PayPal. Use our Middleman Service Payment Gateway page to submit payment for our middleman service. Please read the rest of these instructions before placing your order.
  • Thread title format - PayPal Transaction ID #[number] - [Buyer]/[Seller]. For example; PayPal Transaction ID #123456 - MMORPGMicheal456/Jessica937.
  • Thread content needed - We need the following information in your thread, so we can properly process your request.
  • PayPal Transaction ID #
  • Buyer - Username
  • Seller - Username
  • Link to the thread where the item details and price have been agreed. Create a thread for this if needsbe (in the appropriate WTB/WTS forums for your game).
  • Server the character/account is active on (if applicable).
  • Tag your thread - Tag your thread with your PayPal Transaction ID #, as well as buyer and seller's usernames. This makes cross-referencing information easier, and may help streamline the process.
  • This is all that is required to start our premier middleman process. The next stage is that one of our approved eGaming Supply middlemen will respond to your thread with further instructions. All communication with the exception of passwords/login details, will take place on your unique middleman service thread.

Service Procedures

Next Steps

Your assigned middleman will guide both parties through every step of the process, but to give a brief overview, the following steps are generally taken. Your particular trade may happen differently, and this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Middleman posts into your service thread instructing the seller to PM him the passwords and other login information to the account in question - The middleman will then login to check the authenticity of the account, skills, items included etc. to ensure they are the same as was agreed in the negotiations. Credentials required at this stage from the seller to the middleman are: username/password, secret question and answer, and any other credentials as instructed by the middleman. At this stage, the middleman will take sole control of the account, changing passwords and other credentials as appropriate to lock out the account to his control. This helps ensure nothing can go wrong during the transaction. Middleman posts into your service thread either confirming the account is as described, or giving the reasons that it is not as described. - Assuming everything is as described, the middleman will at this point, post into the service thread instructing the buyer to send payment to the seller to the amount agreed. Note: The middleman does not handle any funds, that transaction takes place direct between buyer and seller. Seller receives payment and notifies buyer/middleman - The seller receives payment from buyer, and posts to this effect in the service thread. At this point, the middleman will release the account information to the buyer, allowing them to use the account.


It is imperative for the speed of your transaction that you not bog down the middlemen with PMs. Unless otherwise instructed, the ONLY time you should PM a middleman is at his/her request, to send passwords etc. which can't be posted publicly. Your unique middleman service thread will be used exclusively as the place to update you on the state of your transaction. Subscribe to the thread using the Thread Tools menu above the thread, and set it to Instant Email Notification. This allows you to be notified immediately as soon as an update to your transaction is available. The thread is THE most up to date information available, and PMing your middleman WILL slow down your transaction. Our middlemen have now been asked to ignore all PMs asking for status updates, and to continue to utilise the well-set out system of using threads for status updates. Any PMs sent to middlemen regarding transactions that haven't been asked for will be ignored.

Feedback and iTrader

Once your transaction has been completed, please take a few moments of your time to leave an iTrader feedback as well as posting on our feedback forums. For instructions on leaving feedback, please check out this thread. Leaving feedback helps build good rep for you, in turn making sales easier.

Middleman Assignment

While you may have had a pleasant experience with a MM in a previous transaction, we ask that you do not request a particular MM for any transaction you post here. Such requests will have to be ignored, as it creates more confusion than anything else. The first available MM will see to your order. All EGS middlemen are dedicated to providing quality service, and as such you will be satisfied regardless of which one handles your transaction.

Speed of Service

The speed of the service is largely determined by factors other than the middlemen themselves. We do not purport to be a super-fast service, we aim to be as safe as possible, not as quick as possible.
The major factors in service speed include:

Speed of the payment processor and method (for instance eCheques can take several days to clear, before which no service can be rendered)

Availability of trading partners

Amount of time middlemen spend churning through erroneous PMs asking for updates, or trying to find the request in a thread full of spammed "can i get a middleman asap now plz??1!!!11" replies. This is obviously an exaggeration but it's very frustrating when people slow a service down and then complain that it's slow. Middleman availability. Our middlemen are not full time employees, they do have lives and only do this as a side occupation, and largely to give something back to the community.

Security Tips

eGaming Supply Middlemen will never try to communicate with you via IM, for any reason. We do not use IM service for middleman transactions. Anyone claiming to be an official middleman via IM should be reported via the Buyer/Seller Beware forum immediately. eGaming Supply Middlemen will have an appropriate title displayed on their user profile, usually along with a bold red name or similar. If you have any doubts on whether someone is who they say they are, contact the senior staff before trading.

To further protect the seller after the transaction it may be beneficial to additionally provide the buyer with the account information in letter form sent via registered mail or some sort of trackable shipping service.

To further protect the buyer after the transaction it is suggested that you immediately change all account information. This includes name, address, and billing info.

eGaming Supply Middleman Service Contract

Contract for Middleman Services

In this agreement, "we", "us", "our" refers to the middleman provided by to the signatory of this contract, hereby known as "you", "client". This contract is subject to change at any time, with no other notice. You agree to read the contract in full each and every time you order our service.


We take no liability for any losses of accounts or funds caused by your use of our middleman service. The middleman service is designed to reduce the risk of loss substantially, but it cannot 100% guarantee a successful trade.

Additionally, neither eGaming Supply nor its approved middlemen will accept any responsibility for accounts after they have left their hands. It is up to the buyer to appropriately secure their account, and it is up to the seller to ensure funds are retained.


Full payment is required before funds are released to sellers and/or accounts are released to buyers. It is the responsibility of the client entering into this contract to ensure that the fees are paid, and we reserve the right to withhold accounts and funds from you if our fees are not paid. Our fees will be laid out on the payment page you are directed to at the start of the middleman process. By purchasing our service you agree to this contract and to the fees on that payment page.

Partner Availability

In the interests of fairness and efficiency, neither buyers nor sellers will break contact with the middleman for 3 days or more. If this happened, it would put unfair delay on the other party and the middleman. In this case, in the middleman's sole discretion, the account may be passed to the seller without waiting for the buyer, and should this happen, no refund will be given to seller or buyer.

No refund will be given if either party involved in a trade is banned, regardless of the nature of the ban or the reasons behind it. However, we may, at our discretion, allow the use of the middleman 'credit' system or a partial refund (75%) if the person who paid the fee was not banned, as we understand it is not their fault if their trade partner is banned.

Termination of Contract

The middleman will be obliged to complete the contract upon receipt of payment, however if this is impossible or impractical in the sole view of the middleman, then a full refund of the fees paid will constitute termination of contract, and we will accept no liability beyond this.

If the client wishes to cancel this contract once fees have been paid, we may, at our discretion, offer the use of a 'credit' system, as outlined below, whereby the client can re-use their PayPal Transaction ID number as payment for another trade they may make. Alternatively at our discretion, we may offer a 75% refund of fees paid, the 25% being retained as handling charges.

If the client wishes to cancel the trade with their current partner, but is considering using our middleman service for another trade, we may, at our discretion, allow the use of a 'credit' system, whereby we will 'reuse' the payment from the cancelled transaction, as payment for the one that goes through. Alternatively at our discretion, we may offer a 75% refund of fees paid, the 25% being retained as handling charges. Note: this will only be allowed where there is a genuine reason for cancellation (as determined by our management); ie. the trade partner disappears, or the trade falls through somehow. If it is merely 'cold feet' or something similar, then the arrangement falls back to the previous section in this contract, and no credit or refund will be issued.