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Texas Poker Pro.ID

Texas Poker Pro.ID
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Pro.ID 1B

Product Code: proid-1b
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1. This game currency only supports the Facebook platform.

2. Please provide us with your Facebook login account to help us transfer chips into your account.

3. When work in progress, please do not login to your account.

4. We will notify you when the process has been completed, when you confirmed please change your password immediately.


  • Please confirm the purchase orders before the product is correct.
  • Before payment please ask customer service for the inventory.
  • Please order within three days after payment confirmation, Otherwise, the orders will be canceled.
  • After payment please provide time, bank, amount, product details, after refer will process orders immediately.
  • Game Card and Activation Code will via Live Chat or SMS delivery;Member can query orders in the member center.
  • All product content subject to official,Product details are subject to change without notice.
  • Product after delivery of its contents are subject to change as the official,Please check the official.
  • If the product have any problem, please report custormer service within 3 days of purchased.
  • Upon delivery products,Do not accept a refund, return or exchange.

If any dispute, We have the final interpretation.